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How-To Articles

Windvest Windshield Warning
Do Not use "Treadlock Loctite" on windshield Plastic mounting bolts - this will causes chemical reacton & structual faliure to plastic!

Rake Triple Trees & Frame Geometry - Tech Article by J&P Cycles

Hy-Flow  Factory Air Cleaner Modification on V-Sstar 1100 - How To

Dial-A-Jet  Adjustable Jet Modification on V-Sstar 1100 - How To

DBAK with a Twist  DBAK & UNI Filter Modification on V-Sstar 1100 - How To

Air Scoop  Air Cleaner Modification for DBAK on V-Sstar 1100 - How To

Tune-able Baffles - HK's   Exhaust Tuneable Baffle Modification / HK 2.75's - How To

Tune-able Baffles - Barons  Exhaust Tuneable Baffle Modification / Nasty Boys - How To

PMS Cable Adjustment  Road & V-Sstar PMS Flexible Cable Adjuster

Valve Adjustment  V-Sstar 1100 - How To

Carb Synchronization  V-Sstar 1100 - How To

Carb Jet Size Comparison  Mikuni / Dynojet Jets

Starter Troubles  Yamaha V-Star Problem @ Temp Fix

Bigger Oil Lines  Bigger Oil Lines for your Oil Filter Relocatin Kits - How To

Tires Sizes  Motorcycle Street Tire Size Conversion Charts

Formulars  Intake & Exhaust Flow - Liquid Dynamics & other Formulas


Night Rider  Lots of Harley & General Info

Rolling Thunder or  Run To The Wall  POW - Motorcycle - Memorial Day Run to the Wall

Harley Davison  Harley Davidson MC Forum at Delphi

Harley's & More  Harley Davidson MC Forum at Delphi

HAWG-Ryders Tech  All Harley Tech & Performance Forum at Delphi

Harley Performance  Harley Performance MC Tech Forum at Delphi

V-Star Forum   Official (ISRA) Star Riders Assoc. at Delphi

V-Star  New for 1100's

Spark Plug Tuning   Reading  Spark Plugs

Christian Biker links

Chariots of Light  Jerry Sevelle's Christian Biker Ministries

Silent Witness  Unique Christian Art, Jewlery, Gifts & Things for Witnessing

Christian Biker Links  Christian Biker Ministries

Mac Gober  Canaan light Ministries Mac is a Former VN Vet - Biker Gang Member

Parts & Accessories

UNI Filter Foam Racing and Performance Filters

Motorcycle Enhancements Custom Made Accessories

Thunder Products  Dial-A-Jet

MaXAir  Max Air Engineering.- Big air setup for V-Star 1100

Barons Nasty Boy Exhaust & BAK (Big Air Kit) - etc

Brado's Spin-on Oil Filter Conversion Kit

Memphis Shades  Windshields

K&N Power Sports  K&N Filters

G-Force Cleaning & Detailing Cool Site

Give the Glory to GOD

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