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Thunder Products Dial-A-Jet

More Horse Power - Excellent Running Quality - Optimizes Fuel - Easy Installation - Rejet in seconds with a click of the patented 5 position jet dial - Allows you to run in a broad temperature or altitude range without rejetting - Automatically compensates for: air density, motor load, and fuel quality

S&S Carbs $77.99

Hooker Headers's Step Tuned 2-1/4" Straight Pipes. Hooker's step tuned pipes are simply the best straight pipe on the market. Gone are the days when you settled for miserable low end performance and to get the look and aggressive sound.

These pipes provide superior performance over a broad power curve as well as giving you the classic style and sound your Harley deserves. 2-1/4" big straight pipes that really work! -Stepped, internal head pipes. -Metallic ceramic coating inside and out on internal head pipes retain heat increasing exhaust velocity for more horespower (industry's first). -2-1/4" outer pipe for the "Big Tube" look with no visible bluing. -Increased performance over a broad RPM range (most other brands of 2-1/4" straight pipes lose low and mid-range performance.

Specific applications for big motors with bigger primaries and larger steps (industry's first) Optional muffler cartridges available for a more mellow sound while increasing low end performance. -Straight tuning cores offer fine tuning of pipes without sound control by creating a 3rd step and changing primary length. -Everything is provided; exhaust gaskets, C-clips, chromed flanges, chromed machine brackets, nuts, bolts, and detailed instructions.

Hooker Short Staggered Step Tuned

80" Engines $409.00

96+" Engines $409.00

Straight tuning cores $60.00 pr.

Bub's Stubbies: Short Fat Drags with an Attitude

The ultimate muscle-bike exhaust. These oversized, short pipes draw attention wherever they go. Fully shielded by our 220 degree plasma cut shields, bluing just doesn't happen here.

Our removable baffles offer the proper amount of back pressure for peak performance and create a deep, throaty tone that's sure to please. The chrome plated billet aluminum end caps come standard with every system and can be rotated for a different look. All mounting hardware and detailed mounting instructions are included for a hassle-free installation.  (P/N 05-2219CG pictured)

25-0010 Torque Chamber Kit fits all Chambermaids systems and all Stubbies

Bub's CHAMBERMAIDS: Tunable Drag Pipes w/ Torque Chambers

Oversized headers with welded on heat shields keep your blues at bay and your heat shields solidly intact. Removable spiral louvered core baffles offer just the right amount of backpressure for optimum performance and sound. For those who think too much is just right, our new 'Torque Chamber' inserts are designed to replace the baffle and offer a much more aggressive sound while still maintaining proper backpressure and extracting every ounce of power on tap. Two pair of sequential chambers and chrome billet end tips come standard with this new design.

Bub Big Stubbies $339.00 Tips Included

Torque Chamber Kit $60.00

Bub ChamberMaids $379.00

Tips & Chambers Included

Ultima Spoked Chromed Hub & Rim with Stainless Steel Spokes and Fittings New Ultima wheels are excellent quality at affordable prices. Each wheel features chrome plated billet hubs laced to chrome steel rims using polished stainless steel spokes and nipples. Included are wheel bearings, center bearing spacer and wheel seals.

Available in many popular sizes to fit standard models as well as many Wide rear custom applications.5/16" holes with 2.15 width rim.Complete 21" front wheels with a 1.85 x 21 or 2.15 x 21 chrome plated rim and a chrome plated hub. Available with stock style chrome, stock style stainless steel or chrome twisted spokes. Trued and ready for installation. Complete 40 spoke wheels.

Ultima Alloy Maltese Wheel

Ultima Alloy Wheels CNC Machined, Polished Aluminum Wheels

& Belt Drive Pulleys with Matching Stainless Steel Brake Rotors


40/60/80 Spoke Wheels $279 to $379 ea.

Alloy Wheels $499 to $599 ea.

Chrome Horse Billet Forward Controls for Big Twin

Our Chrome Horse II billet forward controls have been newly designed so that the brake side footpeg mounts on a common pivot  with the brake arm, which offers increased ground clearance.

We have also introduced a new fold-up footpeg option for the rider that likes to "drag it all" through turns. 3/4" Bore master cylinder is now more compact and still features a back side exit for clean looks for the brake line. Really smooth action on the levers. These babies are nice, and at this price, they're twice as nice!!. Available in chrome plated or polished finish. Sold as Kit. Replacement rubber kits now also available. Sold as Kit.

Ultima Convert a Stock Softail® To the FAT LOOK Front End. 1984 / 1999 fxst.....Start up front with clean unbroken lines, smooth gleaming chrome forks. Silent Running with no rattle or vibration, a beautiful fitment. It¹s the unique large diameter inverted look at a fraction of the cost!

These new kits feature billet aluminum triple trees with stainless steel hardware, gleaming chrome plated tube covers that compliment any custom out there. Offer the unique large diameter inverted look at a fraction of the cost! These new kits feature Billet Aluminum Triple Trees with Stainless Steel Hardware, Gleaming Chrome Plated Tube Covers and our popular Billet Fork Leg Assemblies to compliment any Custom out there. Patent Pending.

Ultra high performance motorcycles demand very special tires. Avon has designed AM23 specifically to meet the parameters set by the fastest production racing and road going machines. AM23 is designed for rear fitment only and is V rated to a level suitable for machines capable of speeds of up to 175 mph. The AM23 employs bias ply control belts made from aramid fibers--similar to those used in bulletproof jackets--so it will resist growth at high speed and remain stable. To this is added Avon's life prolonging Neutral Stress Contour Design casing technology with a tread profile and pattern which puts down an immense footprint at all angles of lean.

Avon AM23 is available in tubeless construction only. If fitted to a tubed type rim, an inner tube with the same size marking must be fitted. In this case the maximum speed is reduced to 130 mph.

GP Track Formula (TF): a high adhesion, sticky rubber compound for maximum bite in ultra-sport riding or racing. This longer-lasting compound is designed for fast, abrasive track applications or for street use. Excellent on wet or dry surfaces.

GP Sprint Compound (SC): A super-sticky, extremely high-adhesion rubber compound designed for the competitive edge in sprint racing. Delivers quick warm-up and optimum performance especially in cool or damp conditions.

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