by Sp/4 Anthony J. Anzalone /1967
Here I sit in a land unknown,   
Thinking of a place far away, called home.   
A place I cherish and love so dear,   
A place now troubled with so much fear.  
For I hear of big marches and troubles of our times,    
And of hippies and weirdoes, and long sit-in lines.  
You people don't know, the impression your giving,   
Aren't you happy, within the country you're living ?  
You riot and rave, then run out of sight,  
And when everything's over, you still want to fight.  
You're tearing up my country, my friends, my morale,  
Then when I come home, you'll call me your pal.  
And what are you fighting for, do you really know ?  
Is it just a new fad, and you feel you must go ?
And what I am going through, you don't really care,  
But lucky for me, it's only a year.  
For I am still sitting, in this land so unknown,  
A land so different, from my own.  
A land of war, and terrorist might,
And if you want to live, you'll have to fight.  
Our boys are dying, but do you really care ?  
It's  not your son, so you'll just say a prayer.  
But to us it's worth fighting for, freedom I mean,  
So now maybe your boy, will reach the age of eighteen.  
And when he gets drafted, like many of us,  
You'll start to worry, but don't make a fuss.  
He will be in the army, and write you a letter,  
And lf he's like me, it's all for the better.  
He will look in awe of this horrible land,  
Then appreciate little things, like a warm tender hand.  
For I have seen how these people exist,  
And when I return, the Free Earth I will kiss.  
So look at these people, and think what you're doing,  
It's Blood Splattered Freedom. THAT YOU ARE UNDOING.  

The aprox. date of writing Oct.20,1967

Anthony J. Anzalone served with 114th Assualt Helicopter Co.
Mecong Delta, Vinh-Long, Vietnam 1967 1968
Helicopter Crew Chief "Gold Knight" <6600902>and "RED Knights")

Reprinted in local newspapers in Nov.1967 Smithtown, N.Y.
acknowledged in writing by Pres. L.B.Johnson

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