Welcome HOME

I Thank all of You who Served with such Devotion,

in-spite of the times we served in!

 When the 114th contacted me after almost 30 years, I was truly overwhelmed with Feelings and Emotions buried long ago.

  I am now a Christian, and realize that the Lord JESUS the Christ

has changed my life and restored me, even after years of living in the world.

I also now realize that there was a Great Healing needed in this lost and forgotten area

of my life, and I give Him Praise and Glory for bringing this to my renewed mind!

  It is with that in mind that I have added this Veteran link and the photo's.

I hope that it may bring about a Renewed Healing to "All of You"

and restore the "Pride of Service" You so dearly deserve!

Mostly I sincerely hope that you now have the Joy, Peace And Hope

That can only be attained when you give all your pain and problems over to the Lord!


Thanks and Blessings, Anthony Anzalone